List of Top Excel Dashboards By Creative Venus

If you can convert your thoughts into design then you can be good in expressing via PowerPoint, Excel and other such creative engagement tools.

In PowerPoint, we have to explain the story in a creative manner. Similarly in Excel, we have to create a meaning out of the datasheets. In the Excel, we can convert the data into meaningful graphical format which is easy to understand and manage.

Today we will cover the top Excel dashboards and templates that we have created over the period of time. 


Blue Analytics dashboard

This dashboard looks beautiful for couple of reasons. One is the color. Blue color always looks good in case of showcasing technical reports, data sheets, tech designs, etc. 

Second amazing thing about this dashboard is its simplicity. 

In just one scan you can easy understand the what is going on here? It is a simple, beautiful, yet effective Excel Dashboard. This dashboard template is easy to design and manage. 

Also, this is a good choice for Students learning data, reporting and Excel.

Watch, learn and download the Excel Dashboard template for your practice.


KPI Data Report dashboard

If you have a requirement of showcasing few KPIs in a beautiful manner, this Excel dashboard design is a perfect choice for you. If you are a student, manager or data analyst, managing this dashboard is very easy. 

This dashboard is not like other dashboards where you have millions of formulae to understand and implement. This is a manual data dashboard where you have to select the data, create chart and just color it on a beautiful background. 

Watch this video and learn how can create this amazing dashboard. Download link is in the video description.


Innovative & futuristic Reporting dashboard

This is not a dashboard but a piece of art in the form of dashboard. This Excel dashboard will take away all the attention because of its design, simplicity, unique layout and overall color scheme. This dashboard has received a very positive response from the audience. 

This dashboard supports four charts positioned within circular frames. The background shape has a depth effect which gives it a elevated look and feel.

If you love to think out of the box, this dashboard is for you. Watch this beautiful Excel Dashboard video and learn how to design such dashboards. 

You can download this Excel dashboard from the link in the video description.


Widget style excel dashboard

This Excel dashboard is more of a blend of beauty and widget. Yes, you heart it. This is a small reporting widget for your dashboard. It is glossy, colorful with reflection on the surface and small in dimensions. 

You can add upto 4 charts in this dashboard and preferably pie or doughnut charts.

In this Excel dashboard, colors are its speciality. Follow a color palette of your choice of use your brand colors. 

Watch this video to learn more about this eye catching reporting dashboard. You can also download this template from the link in the video description.


Corporate Style Automated Excel Dashboard

This is more of a corporate style dashboard with a fusion of beauty and simplicity. Another thing which makes this dashboard cool is that it is automated. You have to change the data in a different tab and it will automatically change in the dashboard.

There is always a demand for Excel dashboards which are automated and beautiful and people struggle to create such dashboards and reports. This dashboard fills that gap.

Watch this video to learn how to create this awesome dashboard and then do not forget to download it from the link in the video description.


Stylish & Dynamic Corporate Looking Excel Dashboard

If you need a dynamic dashboard but more detailed in terms of reports and charts then this Excel dashboard can be a perfect choice for you. In this dashboard you can add more charts, it is fully automated and it is a combination of traditional looking dashboards and innovative UI of modern reports. 

This dashboard has a beautiful placeholder for data highlights for KPIs and insights. This makes it easy for the reader to easily understand the report based on data and insights.

You can design and create similar dashboards easily after watching this video. If you want to practice on this template, you can download it from the link in the video description.


Modern & Smart Business Reporting Dashboard

You must have not seen such dashboard style anywhere else. This is an unique concept and you will love it. This dashboard can support any number of charts due to its amazing feature – It scrolls. Due to the smart use of freeze panes option, you can scroll left to right while looking at the beautiful charts.

In this Excel dashboard, we have used circular glossy frames with glass overlay effect. This combination makes it more beautiful. 

Watch the video to learn ways to create such a beautiful and unique looking Excel dashboard. The link to download the template is in the video description.


If you love our Excel dashboard collection then share it in your network. We will keep on adding the Excel dashboards in this blog post.