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Whenever you are creating a PowerPoint presentation you must remember five important things.


It is the most important component of any presentation. Even if the design is basic but alignment is perfect, the presentation will make a better impact.


You should always follow a color and design theme throughout your presentation. Presentations are like a story, therefore design and color consistency should be maintained.


Content should be highly crisp, short and impactful. There should not be any paragraph and long lines of content. For that you have Microsoft word and other such tools. Presentation is all about presenting meaningful content to help users easily understand in less time.


Whatever you are presenting on the PowerPoint slide, it should be visible and easy to understand. Even if something is overlapping due to design and aesthetic purpose it should be clearly visible. Evaluate your target audience and if they are above 50 then the text size should be bigger.

Something Different

There is no need to go with the traditional rules and logics. Do something unique, different and out of the box. Try to do some creative things and present the content in a different layout. Surprise the viewers with your creative mindset. Follow a personalised approach and create a direct connection with the viewers.

If you can follow these 5 simple steps, your presentations will make more impact.

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