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5 Amazing Isometric Designs in PowerPoint

5 Amazing Isometric Designs in PowerPoint

Isometric designs are popular these days. You must be thinking like what is an isometric. In this post we will cover about isometric designs and some of the isometric presentation slides that we have created in PowerPoint.

What is isometric design?

If you have seen or understand 3D design then you can easily understand about isometric designs. Isometrics are the 2D flat designs created in a way to look like a 3D illustration. 

Here is an example that we have created.

This is a drone we have designed in the isometric form. It is a 2D design but looks like a 3D. 

Isometric at 30 Degree angle

In order to make any design look like an isometric design, you have to create it at 30 degree angle. The shapes, lines, plane and every item and component to be placed at 30 degrees. 

Once you will do that, the design will look like an isometric design.

Why are isometric designs used?

In an isometric form you can explain any concept, design or art form in a beautiful manner. You can show details very clearly and the users can easily understand the story you want to tell. 

Think of a smart city concept you want to showcase to a client. Isometric design can be one of the ways to showcase a beautiful smart city with detailed depiction of every element in it.

Can we create isometric designs in PowerPoint?

In practice isometric designs and illustrations are mostly designed in Adobe Illustrator. But nowdays more tools have added options to create isometric illustrations. PowerPoint is one of the tool where you can design isometrics very easily. 

Example of Top isometric designs or illustration in PowerPoint

Here are the top isometric designs from Creative Venus that you can easily create in PowerPoint. These are very easy to design and you can watch, learn and download the templates from the Gdrive link in the video description.


Drone Challenge | How To Master a Beautiful Hi-tech 3D DRONE Illustration in Office365 PowerPoint

In this video you will learn how to design an isometric drone. The best thing about this drone is the way how many components are reused. This not only saves time but makes overall presentation design process efficient. 

Watch this beautiful isometric drone designing tutorial. Do not forget to download the template from the link provided in the video description.


Beautiful Isometric Smartphone Technology Design in PowerPoint PPT

This isometric design is all about beauty and technology. If you take a closer look, the focus is on light reflection. We have added gradient fill across the design which makes it look beautiful.

You can use this PowerPoint slide is any of the technology related PowerPoint where you want to showcase AI, cloud, smartphone, connection, networking, data, etc. 

Watch, learn and download the presentation.


Learn Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial | SWOT Analysis | Isometric Diagram

In this isometric design you will learn how to design SWOT analysis. But the added advantage in the PowerPoint template is the animation which makes it unique. 

SWOT analysis is one of the most popular business diagram. Watch, learn, download and customize this beautiful animated presentation slide and present a never like before SWOT analysis.


Beautiful & Unique Isometric Concept for IT Infrastructure & Technology Presentations

This isometric design is different from the designs mentioned above in terms of environment. In this isometric design, we have created components around the main subject here. You can find icons, pie chart, stats, and the video playing in the isometric laptop. 

Watch this isometric design for animation, detailed environment and isometric video. You can download this template from the link provided in the video description.


Artificial Intelligence AI Animation Presentation Tutorial in Microsoft Office365 PowerPoint PPT

AI is the present and future. This is one of the most demanding topic on which we get requests to create PowerPoint slides. We have innovated this beautiful AI isometric design with background animation. It might look very complex to you but it is very easy to design. 

Watch the video below to learn more about it. Do not forget to download this template from the Gdrive link provided in the video description.

We will continue adding more isometric designs in this list. Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube and share the videos within your network.